Newton ProKit



1 x Cosmic Ray

25 shots of red, green, yellow and purple peonies mixed with sharp crackle effects for a spectacular finale. WATCH VIDEO


1 x Knock Out

25 large shots of red, green, white and blue with crackling mines changing to crackling bouquets above. Stunning effects for effective firework display. Rated very highly in our tests and loved by all that have used it! WATCH VIDEO


1 x Bird of Prey

25 shots of crackling dragon tails changing to multi colour huge bouquets with a quickened rapid-fire finale of 10 shots. Sensational effects and scored very highly in our tests with our customers. WATCH VIDEO


1 x Moonstomp

Stunning orange with blue peonies and crackles, giving you amazing effects to complete your firework show. WATCH VIDEO


1 x Magic Dragon

25 shots of silver blink mine blasts in red, blue and silver flashes, silver blink mine blasts in purple, green and silver flashes. WATCH VIDEO


1 x Cosmic Rain

16 shots of Green tail to green / purple peony, red tail with colour peony, blue tail to red stars with blue peony, red tail to red / green peony with crackling. Lasting 30 seconds. WATCH VIDEO


2 x Crazy Cone

Watch this cone get its crazy on! Excellent duration and effects including blue pistil with titanium flower, gold crackling with red and green pearls to titanium crackle with red and yellow finale. WATCH VIDEO


3 x Super Show

This pack of 4 excellent display rockets create a big bang and shell burst including silver crown, crackling cauliflower, gold blink willow and red and green peony. WATCH VIDEO


4 x Portfires (6 Pack)

4 Minute portfires used for the safe ignition of fireworks.


1 x Hurricane Blitz

Great noise and effects from this 50 shot barrage. Starting with crackling tails to red and crackling bursts exploding above, then crackling tails to green stars and crackling tails with blue bouquets finishing with a quickened finale of 5 shots. WATCH VIDEO


1 x Time Warp Transformed & The Tempest

The Tempest – This is no storm in a tea cup, this 36 shot large bore cake with silver flashing tails to multi-coloured bouquets, blue stars to gold flying fish with a 12 shot finale of whistles, crackles, reports and silver flashing tails. Great variety of effects for 60 seconds. WATCH VIDEO


1 x Royal Palm

Stunning rapid firing candle barrage launching 300 shots of Brocade Palm to Blue Peonies. WATCH VIDEO


1 x Shockwave Mine

A flash of huge brocade glittering mines erupting into large brocade crown bouquets from this instantaneous large mine. WATCH VIDEO


1 x King Willow

Stunning big bursts from this 35 shot barrage starting with blue tails to colour willow and red blink changing to green blink and gold blink with a double finale of coloured willows and purple peonies for a duration of 35 seconds. WATCH VIDEO


1 x Conqueror

Expanding our Vitalli Collection is this stunning 35 shot item with an unusual firing pattern of blue and red tails to coloured willows and blood-red with white shiny, red or blue with white stars and shining golden titanium palms with green and red stars. WATCH VIDEO


1 x Optimum

Stunning effects from this premium barrage including fish with blue pearls, multi-coloured peonies, screeches, bangs, crossettes and crackles coupled with a relentless pace and a 10 shot finale flurry to leave your audience gasping. Duration 2 minutes. WATCH VIDEO


4 x Shellhead

This pack of 4 excellent display rockets create a big bang and shell burst including silver crown, crackling cauliflower, gold blink willow and red and green peony. WATCH VIDEO


2 x Xtreme

Four pack of superb huge breaks from these new heavyweight rockets that fill the sky and with long hanging effects including gold brocade crown, willow to blue, green palm trees with gold and gold brocade to blue pistils. WATCH VIDEO


1 x Wolf Pack

100 shot 18mm cake that fires a changing coloured mine with a large multi coloured crackling burst above, giving double value to every shot. Great pace with a quickened finale from this stunning cake. Duration 40 seconds. WATCH VIDEO


1 x Vortex Volley

Volley fire of 4 large bore shots of dragon tails to crackling flowers, to red palm tress with white glitter, to crackling dragon eggs, finishing with volley fire of 8 huge green palms with white glitter and whistles. In all 64 stunning shots for a duration 40 seconds. WATCH VIDEO


1 x Vittali Supremo

A stunning selection of high class 25 shot barrages with big bursts from our new Italian style manufacturer. Supremo 1 offers brocade mine to brocade crown burst above, Supremo 2 starts with a brocade mine changing to gold glittering leaves, Supremo 3 has blue stars mines to brocade and blue stars over and Supremo 4 has brocade leaves changing to red stars. WATCH VIDEO


2 x INXS Rockets

A good selection of 5 assorted INXS colour break rockets with crackle effects offering excellent value for money. WATCH VIDEO


1 x Sky Burst

A great selection of 6 assorted rockets including crackling flower, green coconut with purple, blink willow, silver brocade crown and cauliflower with blue peony. WATCH VIDEO

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